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RIP Col. Albert Bachmann-Swiss Military Intelligence

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  • RIP Col. Albert Bachmann-Swiss Military Intelligence

    Excellent obituary in the Daily Telegraph today.

    The Colonel, probably the best-known head of Untergruppe Nachrichtendienst der Armee(Swiss Military Intelligence) retired to live in Cork at the end of his Swiss Army career. Earlier in his career he had bought the Liss Ard Estate near Skibereen as a HQ for a Swiss Government in exile in the event of a Soviet invasion- the basement was designed to hold the massive Swiss gold reserves.

    During the Biafran war he operated undercover as a "pipe-smoking upper-crust Englishman called Henry Peel".

    It is probably safe to say we shall not see his like again.

    Colonel Albert Bachmann, who has died aged 81, was Switzerland’s best-known and most paranoid spymaster, in a country that traditionally has no enemies and refrains from foreign entanglements.

    Comment in the DT today:

    It was Bachmann's misfortune to be born in the wrong country at the wrong time.
    Mentally-challenged misfits with dysfunctional abilities and paranoid delusions flourished handsomely in England during the Nulabour years.
    If Bachmann had been British, he'd have ended his days in the House of Lords.
    As it turned out, he had the wit to live in retirement in Ireland, no doubt basking in the affection the Irish have for eccentric eejits......
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    Interesting character, thanks for the link ouen.