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Online Security Awareness training for recruits.

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  • Online Security Awareness training for recruits.

    The Ministry of Defence has launched a campaign today aimed at encouraging Service personnel and MOD civilians to carefully consider possible repercussions before posting information on social networking sites.

    With the campaign comes new MOD guidance for personnel using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, which advises them not to put themselves or others at increased risk by releasing too much information about themselves or other operational details.

    Called 'Think Before You...', the guidance will be incorporated into Phase 1 training when applicants first join the Services and into other mandated training materials for serving personnel.

    read more here:

    it makes sense, and i for one need to 'minimise' in the future however i'm concious of opsec despite my large footprint.

    now that we will be officially 'told' what not to do we can be accountable for our actions online too.

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