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New 'Green' Coffee for British Troops.

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  • New 'Green' Coffee for British Troops.

    A new contract was signed last week (ahead of yesterday's World Environment Day) providing British Armed Forces on operations with sustainably-sourced, instant coffee from British charity Cool Earth.

    For each tin sold, the charity will protect five trees in the Amazon which would otherwise have fallen victim to loggers. This means that under the £375k contract around 300,000 trees covering an area four times the size of Hyde Park will be saved.

    It is also estimated that, thanks to the purchase of the 100 per cent Rainforest Alliance-certified Brazilian coffee beans, around 410,526 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be offset.

    read more here:

    this is an unusual step for us and while i'm generally no real fan of 'green' stuff i do hate to see forests destroyed so it's good to see us doing our bit but the real question is - does it taste any good?
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    No :p
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