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Royal Australian Air Force Future Capabilities

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  • Royal Australian Air Force Future Capabilities

    The Australian Government has confirmed a purchase of six MQ-4C Tritons with a whole of capability cost of $6.9B. Yes you read that number right!

    The RAAF have 12 P-8A's confirmed with an option for 3 more to replace the P-3 Orions plus the Australian Maritime Border Command has 10 Dash 8's in service for customs and illegal fisheries monitoring.

    When one considers further surveillance capabilities such as six E-7A's, 12 Growlers, and 5 G550 EW ordered aircraft the RAAF are really on a roll at present.

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    Crafting a Fifth Generation RAAF Combat Force: The Perspective of Air Marshal Geoff Brown (Retired)

    According to former RAAF CAS the Australians are not too far off from creating the first platform wide "5th Gen" air force.


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      Meanwhile the Canadians are to pay €60m for 25 ex RAAF F/A-18 Classics with spares.

      These were rolling upgraded to HUG 3.1 standard with the last of them completed around ten years ago. Classic's in the RAAF fleet have between 4400-4800 flight hours on the clock, which means they should have between 6-8 years before they require a HUG 3.2 type CBR and wing replacement which will add a further 2000 hours if they so chose to do.

      The RCAF will fly 18 of them and keep 7 as attrition parts spares, plus they get hold of a significant amount of the RAAF Classic inventory. The whole cost of the project is less than CDN$500 and includes a $50m contingency and $110m a whole of fleet avionics alignment project, $30m in infrastructure costs and another $30m in salaries/personnel costs. Or in other words 10% of the now cancelled contract with Boeing for new build Shornets.


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        Just a general update on the continuing RAAF shopping spree of late ...

        They have had all their six AW-139 SAR helicopters under contract delivered.

        And have confirmed four G-550 based MC-55A Peregrine's for Sigint/EW.

        And they are ordering at least 12 armed MQ-9 Reapers


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          Did they win the Lottery?
          'He died who loved to live,' they'll say,
          'Unselfishly so we might have today!'
          Like hell! He fought because he had to fight;
          He died that's all. It was his unlucky night.


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            Any time Australia needs money they just start digging a hole. the place is just full of natural resources.
            They seem to fear China's rise and are tooling up well ahead of the game.


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              Originally posted by Flamingo View Post
              Did they win the Lottery?
              No. It is just that other than the US they are the only affluent western liberal democracy to take national security in its wider sense seriously.


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                More reason why that by 2035 the RAAF will be on par with the RAF in terms of capability!


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                  Arguably, the RAAF is already ahead of the RAF in some capabilities.


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                    Originally posted by SouthernOne View Post
                    Arguably, the RAAF is already ahead of the RAF in some capabilities.
                    Indeed. The whole area around Project Jericho they are well more advanced. If the UK government continue to shrink the force in Air Mobility and Strike the divergence may well see them advance further ahead in capability.


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                      Would make sense. Aus is an actual regional powerhouse, that takes the responsibility of it and it's neighbours security seriously.
                      The UK has pretended to do so for decades, while continuing to lose friends and influence overseas.
                      German 1: Private Schnutz, I have bad news for you.
                      German 2: Private? I am a general!
                      German 1: That is the bad news.