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Funeral of Queen Elizabeth the second.

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  • Funeral of Queen Elizabeth the second.

    You have to say, whatever RSM ran the show yesterday deserves all the plaudits. It was flawless for what amounted to nearly 8 full hours of ceremonial. Even the bandsman who got kicked by one of the Household Cavalry horses in Windsor was straight back into position.
    We'll not see the like of a funeral like that again in our lifetimes. Even if Charles popped off in the next decade, I doubt his state funeral would be at the same scale. He just won't have had the worldwide generational impact.
    For now, everything hangs on implementation of the CoDF report.

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    The Funeral was well done, I would say the service personnel were probably rehearsing there own individual parts for years on the QT. I am sort of reminded of the quote about Churchill state funeral plans, where it was said that the Pallbearers kept dying while he kept living. And as for the security arrangements, you had to see it in person what the operation was like, I am currently working next to what would have been the inner cordon, and all I will say is what was seen on the news was not even half of the security operation.

    What did disappoint me was the Media Coverage, while yes this was a hugely significant, once in a lifetime event, most people I talked to last week started to tune out the Media Coverage (with the exception of the Major Ceremonial Events) by the First Monday, and the so called Royal Experts who were either trying to read the body language or who claimed to know the innermost thoughts of the grieving family was really nauseating.
    It was the year of fire...the year of destruction...the year we took back what was ours.
    It was the year of rebirth...the year of great sadness...the year of pain...and the year of joy.
    It was a new age...It was the end of history.
    It was the year everything changed.


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      The best part of the actual funeral was the commentators shut up for the majority of it. They spent 9 days trying to get a new angle on the Queen or what the family was thinking 24/7, and must have been spent.
      For now, everything hangs on implementation of the CoDF report.