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    Got an email from the "Active Reservists Association of Wielkopolska" regarding the "Patrol Polska" competition which they run for reservists from around the world. Sounds interesting. Can't go myself but here's the pdf file anyway. It's run in conjunction with the Polish Army apparently.
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    A bit more interesting than the Commando challenge thingy..

    AK at 150 m...I wonder...

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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      Cambrian Patrol Oct 06.

      Exercise Cambrian Patrol tests soldiers' mettle

      13 Nov 06

      95 teams have battled it out to complete this year's Exercise Cambrian Patrol in the Welsh mountains, one of the toughest patrolling exercises a modern soldier can face. Bombardier Dougie Scott during Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2006. Dougie, from Huntingdon, took part in the exercise with the team from 14th Regiment, Royal Artillery
      [Picture: Stuart Bingham, MOD]

      Tough terrain, gruelling tests and extreme fatigue faced the teams battling to complete this year's exercise and just four coveted gold medals were issued at the end of the challenge.

      Successful teams are awarded a coveted gold, silver or bronze medal, or certificate of merit, depending on the number of points earned throughout.
      During the exercise personnel were pushed to their limits. As part of an eight man team, each participant had to march 55 kilometres, carrying full personal kit and additional supplies, weighing up to 60lbs. The two day mission presents realistic scenarios, with teams encountering advancing enemy patrols.

      Huntingdon soldier Bombardier Dougie Scott, aged 26, was part of the 14th Regiment's Royal Artillery team which achieved one of the four prestigious gold medals. Talking at the start line, Dougie, who was tackling the event for the first time, said:
      "We've been hill walking in Devon to get us used to carrying the weight and to get some miles on our legs. We've had a team in the patrol for the last two or three years and the best they have done is silver, so we know it's quite extreme. This year, we have a new commanding officer who wants us to go for the gold."
      At the start of the exercise, the teams were ferried by van to a drop-off point, to embark on the 48 hour patrol. They had to navigate through the night, linking up with friendly agents en route, and faced a number of difficult tasks along the way, including defensive shooting while under attack, accurate observation and reconnaissance of enemy forces and a deep river crossing with full kit, without access to boats. A Latvian team Commander briefs his troops at the start of Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2006 - UK and Forces from overseas co-operate together
      [Picture: Stuart Bingham, MOD]

      Brigadier Iain Cholerton, Commander of the Army's 160 (Wales) Brigade and responsible for running the exercise, commented that despite very kind weather the exercise was as testing as ever:
      "There were some very impressive performances but as always those who did well were well led, well prepared and physically and mentally robust.
      "The exercise remains a great challenge and I congratulate all those who took part and encourage all those who did not do as well as they had hoped, or who have yet to enter, to start preparing for next year now."
      The challenge was first set up more than 40 years ago, by a group of Welsh TA soldiers who designed the training event to feature long distance marching over the Cambrian Mountains and which culminated in a shooting match on the Sennybridge training area. Since then, the exercise has been rigorously updated to meet the challenges faced by modern soldiers.
      This year's event, which ran from 27 October to 5 November 2006, attracted 95 teams from the British regular and Territorial Army and Royal Air Force. Foreign army teams from Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, India, France and the Czech Republic also took part.
      A total of 64 teams completed the exercise. As well as the four gold medals awarded, there were 19 silvers, 26 bronzes and 15 certificates of merit.

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        3. Sniper riffle SWD - 6 counting shots to show up targets, distance 150m, laying
        position, in 1 minute Target stroked 10 points Target missed 0 points.

        "I want that one"
        Trouble, Trouble, I tried to chase trouble but its chasing me.
        Trouble, trouble, trouble with a capitol T
        do do do do do do do da do do do. etc etc......