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Wanted: Helmet Liner for US M1 Helmet

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  • Wanted: Helmet Liner for US M1 Helmet

    This is rather an unusual request but I'll ask anyway.

    I need the use of a US M1 (Steel) helmet for 3 commemorative parachute jumps onto the D-Day DZs I'm doing in Normandy this June. I'm required by the organisers to wear WW2 US para uniform for the jumps. (Will change ASAP after the jump cos I'm not into wearing that stuff around).

    A mate is organising a replica uniform. The problem is the helmet.

    I have a Vietnam era helmet which would do the job for the helmet except the liner (the insert) is in bits and I don't feel confident with jumping it at the moment.

    What I need is a decent quality liner for this, ideally one with the para chinstraps.

    Such things can be bought on the net but I don't think it would arrive on time.

    Just asking on the offchance that someone may have something they could sell / loan me for this.

    Any help greatly appreciated.