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    One of the latest Guinness ads has shone a light into an all but forgotten corner of Irish history. It’s the one that features Tom Crean trudging alone across the Antarctic. Crean was born in 1877 in Anascaul, Co. Kerry into a farming family. He joined the Royal Navy in 1893 and during 27 years worked his way up to Warrant Officer. From 1901 onwards he was engaged on three expeditions to the Antarctic, twice with Scott and once with Shackleton. And the reason that Crean’s exploits are little known is because when he returned home in 1920 on retirment, he felt it safer to keep quiet about his service in the Royal Navy. Anybody aware of any other forgotten heroes from their localities.
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    My favourite moment was when the
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    red headed old dear got a smack on her ginger head

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    Back home a local anglo-irish aristocrat was a captain in WWII, he fought Rommel in the desert war with the British army (artillery).
    Does not talk about it all too much cos he's very old and apparently suffered from shell shock.
    Feel very bad for him cos his home has been completely robbed bare by scumbags.
    Think he's been robbed about 4 times or so.
    Bloody scumbags.
    But thats the way it is if you live in a remote place and you are old. :(