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    I've just been co-opted by some argentineans into providing them with accurate info on the british forces in 1982 for their computer game.
    I've been websearching all day but I can't find any section, platoon or company ORBATS for the time.
    I'm particularly looking to find out in what roles and numbers the Sterling, Bren and GPMG were deployed among the infantry units...if someone could tell me what basis the LAWs were allocated that would also be nice.

    "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke

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    tell them to contact the chaps working on this project:

    Perhaps they can help each other out,... the odds are they are going to be covering the same ground.

    can't wait for the Falklands mod for Flashpoint,... to kick some argie butt!!


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      This book:

      Goose Green: A Battle Is Fought to Be Won - Mark Adkin

      Has good info on that stuff for the paras.


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        Flashpoint in the Falklands are the competiton I'm afraid...I don't know what to tell my crowd I haven't been able to find the info anywhere
        "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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          That should not be a problem, Flashpoint in the falklands are making a campaign from the British point of view (you will only be able to play the british side).
          I somehow imagine the Argies will be doing an argie campaign, so they will be doing two different sides of the same campaign


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            I have to say that I'm amazed that the Argies still think they have some claim on the Falklands...
            They don't even have any of the population on their side,... all they have got to their claim is proximity.


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              I remember hearing a story that before 1982 they would fly pregnant women over, mostly the wives of air force officers just so they could have their kids in the malvinas, any one else hear this?


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                It would not surprise me. They have turned it into a National imperitive.
                It is now ingrained in the national psyche, and it's the fault of the Argie government, School Teachers etc, who have been ingraining the idea in peoples heads for decades.

                This might not be much of a problem today, because they (the Argies) can't afford a bag of chips and a can of coke, but it won't be this way forever.
                And it only takes one nut to start another war, democracy is not as secure there as you would think.


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                  I remember seeing a picture of the Falkland islands defence force on exercise and they were carrying Steyr AUG's. Does anyone know why they are issued with them and not SA80's?


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                    They weren't "issued" them, they bought them.

                    The FIDF isn't ac tually apart of the BA ORBAT, due to the strange nature of the poltics/admin. arrangements down there.

                    I think -but cannot say for sure- that its actually a group of enthusiastic locals, who took advanatge of different gun law rules to form their own defence force.......

                    They also seem to do alot more than just defence tasks


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                      They sound very well trained and equiped, is Styer AIG a miss print or is it a different version of the AUG?


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                        They used to use the steyr aug as a LMG,and the SA80 as a rifle(2002) but it is possible the steyr inspired more confidence in their cold climate than the SA80 of the time? It is unusual that they got the LMG version first,and then the rifle though...

                        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                          Apparently, these are not 100% correct but may be a good reference: