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Pic of Relative. Any help?

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  • Pic of Relative. Any help?


    First post. Attached is a picture of my G.G.Uncle Jeremiah Houston. He was from Derry, born 1900 emigrated to USA 1925. I would date the picture around the early 1920's. Was wondering if any experts on here could tell me anything about the photo. Was he an officer? What unit? Any help would be very much appreciated.


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    The Sam Browne Belt indicates an officer usually, particularly when combined with the very low slung Pistol. Hard to tell what unit though in the absence of a collar badge.

    Any more details?

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      The purpose of the cross-strap on the Sam Browne is to support the weight of the side arm but they're on opposite sides. Doesn't help you in your quest, I'm just being an anorak.
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        The low-slung, quick-draw pistol was National Army-chic in the Civil War. There's a pic of Michael Collins in gunslinger mode like that.

        To be honest when I first saw it I thought Spanish Civil War.
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          you date the photo as early 1920's. can we assume your uncle is in an irish uniform and he never served in the US army after emigrating?
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            Thankyou for the reply folks. He emigrated to the USA in 1925 , and after that the family never really kept in touch. This was definately taken before he left. Given his birth in 1900, I would guess the he served in the 20's. The picture came from his brother, my G.Grandfather.