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Irish Army Sniper Rifles

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  • Irish Army Sniper Rifles

    Before the current Accuracy International rifle, the Irish issue sniper's rifle was a FAL with a Leupold? 4x? scope. The scope was mounted on a special dust cover, which was not as solid as later receiver mounts.

    Before that was a scoped Lee Enfield 303. Was the latter a No.4 Mk1(T)?

    Anyone able to correct or conform these facts? Any of ye fire these? If so, how did they perform?

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    Co-incidentally, I just got Karl Martin's "Irish Army Vehicles" book this week, and saw the picture below, which clearly shows a No.4 Mk I (t).
    Anyone know when these were acquired, and how long they stayed in service?

    Also, anyone know what went before that? A LDF veteran mentioned a "Long Range Rifle" on occasion to me that was distinct from the SMLE. I understand some American P17 rifles were in service during the emergency, could this be them?
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      After consulting with a friend of mine, ex-FCA, who knows a great deal about small arms, I got the following information:
      the Lee Enfield used was indeed the No4 Mk1(t).
      The FN which replaced it was not liked as it was accurate beyond about 600meters/yards. the problems seemed to stem from it being an automatic, the sight mount was not regarded as a problem.
      I hope to get more info in the next week or so.
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        Re: Lee Enfield

        Fired the Enfield alright, but without the trendy 'scope.
        A lovely weapon to fire, but woe betide if you didn't have it firmly into your
        shoulder, it had a hell of a kick.

        Also, a pain in the arse to clean the barrel, pouring 7-8 pints of boiling water
        down it before cleaning and oiling...
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          Before the accuracy international, the role of the sniper was a sub-unit asset and did not have the specialised training that the position has now. Essentially he was a very good marksman. This probably had an impact on the choice of weapon at the time.


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            Sniping in itself is a skill which has to be mastered over time.The whole ethos & doctrine of modern sniping has evolved in the DF over the past few years with the standards being very high in the "Green Army".
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