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Irelands Forgotten Soldiers...a little help

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  • Irelands Forgotten Soldiers...a little help

    folks, my cousin in the UK is writing a paper on the Forgotten Irish soldiers of WW1.
    So he asked if I could put a should out for any refrences or articles that people know of.

    He is looking mostly at the 10th & 16th Irish divisions.

    He also is looking for any information in relation to the way the returning troops were regarded and treated in returning from the war.

    Any help much appreciated.....
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    Just put him on to Kevin Myers.He's been championing the cause of the forgotten Irish for years.


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      The book Irishmen or English Soldiers by Thomas P dooley might be a good starting point,

      Unskilled urban workers made up the bulk of Irish volunteers who fought in the British Army during World War I. Sir Roger Casement described them as being "not Irishmen but English soldiers". In this book, the case of an illiterate general labourer, born in 1876 and from the city of Waterford, who enlisted in the 16th (Irish) Division, is used to study the motivation of Catholics enlisting in the British Army, and to assess the credibility of Casement's judgement which, the author argues, is too simplistic. The decision to enlist resulted from a complex range of external social, economic and political pressures to which men were subjected during the course of their lifetimes. These are examined in detail, and arguments are supported by graphs, charts, tables and numerical calculations. The case of these men is considered from three perspectives: via a study of Waterford's community as representative of the social, economic and political relationships of southern Ireland as a whole; through the presentation of evidence and analysis of more immediate reasons for enlistment; and through an examination of the reasons why, having enlisted, Irishmen remained loyal to the British Army, and to the 16th (Irish) Division in particular.