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Group photos Curragh & Newbridge barracks early Free State

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  • Group photos Curragh & Newbridge barracks early Free State


    I was wondering if anyone might have any group photos of men in the Curragh and / or Newbridge barracks during the early days of the Free State say up until 1926.

    I am trying to locate a photo of a granduncle of mine who served in both the Curragh & Newbridge at that time. I know its a long shot but worth a try.



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    Sorry, he might have served in Naas barracks also.


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      try Reggie Darling in the Barbers

      in the Curragh

      he knows everything about the area

      you could also take a walk around the library down there they have a massive collection

      and failing that most of the schools have loads of pics on there wall

      if your Granduncle isnt amongst them

      at least by finding out what photographers were in the area at the time may give you

      a steer where to look next

      best of luck

      and lets us know how you get on
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        Depending on the size and quality of the pictures,

        you are going to have a hard time id your grand-uncle in group pictures.

        Connaught Stranger.


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          I have a vague recollection of a group photo that he was in that I have seen when I was a boy some 30 odd years ago. I am hoping against hope that the same photo will turn up. I have details of his IRA & National army service (from military archives) until he left the army due to ill health in 1925.