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  • Renmore Baracks Records?

    Hi, i am new to this site and this is my first posting on here. Dose any one know where i might find any records of a man who at the time of his wedding was at Renmore baracks Galway Eire around 1889. On his wedding certificate it states he was a soldier in the 88th Connaght Rangers. I am trying to find his service number and any records about him. I have tried on Ancestry web site but with no luck. Is there a contact email address or a phone number for the baracks? Does it have any sort of museum?
    Any help will be most appreceated.

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    There is indeed a museum for the rangers in Renmore, not a big one, ring Renmore and get the curator's name and when he'll be in , phone back then.

    For ex-service, you might well be advised to try the Public Records office [ PRO ] at Kew

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      There is a guy who looks after the museum ( small but exceptionaly impressive) in Dun I Mheollas (Renmore is the area that the barracks is in) ( and my spelling is shit ebut put fort Mellowes into Irish)

      If you contact the Barracks and ask to speak to him or even drop him a line he may be of some help
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        British Military Records were stored in Dublin and lost during the 1916 Rising, from what I can remember.

        British copies connected to Ireland were destroyed by a German Bomb during the Blitz.

        So I imagine P.R.O. Kew is your best bet for something or try, using any family info, address etc in the search engine.

        Galway as far as I know, does not have any individual service records of soldiers who served in the Connaught Rangers.

        The Connaught Ranger Museum, in Galway Renmore Military Barracks has been recently refurbished and is now located in the old Ration Stores Building. Prior appointment must be made via the Adjutant, if you wish to visit.

        Connaught Stranger.
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          Many thanks for your replies. Do any of you have a phone number for the baracks or an email address please? Kew is the wrong side of the country for me to may the journey. I may be in Galway next year?


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            Renmore Barracks, Galway
            (091) 751156


            Military Museum , Dun Ui Mhaoiliosa,Renmore Barracks, Galway .

            Tel: 091 701054, 087 9083105 For visits 091 751156

            Originally the depot of the Connaught Rangers, Renmore has been an Irish Army base since 1922. Several exhibits commemorate the Connaught Rangers with uniforms, weapons and a regimental drum on display. The War of Independence and Civil War displays include weapons landed from the Asgard in 1914, and guns belonging to Dan Breen, Michael Collins and the Countess Markievicz. There is also a motorcycle belonging to IRA leader Liam Mellows. Among the items featured from the Emergency period is a parachute used by downed German airmen in Galway . Finally the various peacekeeping missions of the Defence Forces are illustrated, most poignantly by weapons from the 1960 Niemba ambush in the Congo in which 9 Irish soldiers died.
            Visits by appointment only - call a week in advance if possible.



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              You could also try this site
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                Try also

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                  You could also try the Connaught Ranger Association Boyle,email address is
                  enquires at of luck in your search