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Irish Army in the Congo 1960-64

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  • Irish Army in the Congo 1960-64

    A number of people have been asking me to put this up. It is a history of the Irish Army in the Congo Crisis. I did it as part of a College project and am finally in a position to put it up on IMO.

    Irish Military Online is the only place where it is available on the Internet. Hopefully it will add to the board as a whole and especially to the Military History & Heritage Forum.

    It is my own work and I want it to stay that way!!! As is said at the start

    This work is free to view by all but remains the intellectual property of the author (except where referenced). It is free to be used in any way for reference (so long as the author is credited).However, it is not to be sold, reproduced, hired out, or otherwise circulated, for profit without the author’s prior consent. Similarly, it is not to be circulated or used in any way which diminishes the author’s ownership of the work.
    The files are secured but allow enough access for it to be usable. It was originally done up as a Word document for printing and then transferred to Acrobat. As a result, there are a number of glitches that came up as a result of the transfer – page numbers out of sequence etc.

    Basically, have a read, let me know of any errors* and enjoy.

    Can be downloaded here

    *If you want to criticise the whole thing, then YOU write a 100 page thesis, fully researched, and we can compare them
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