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    Originally posted by rod and serpent View Post
    There are two cannons up North, one in Newry outside the Council offices. The other is in Armagh, in the middle of the Mall,opposite the Boer war memorial.
    there were 5 siege mortars captured from the Russian 9th Infantry division

    on the opening days of the campaign

    the siege mortars were so sturdy and such an modern design that the Brits sent them home to copy

    they were so sure of victory that they imagined they would be capturing more pieces all over the place

    when they got home 1 was given to the royal arsenal to copy

    the remaining 4 were sent to Ireland for some strange reason and they have

    propped up the corner of the main square in CBB since then

    the last person killed by the mortars was a milkman.

    the weapon that went to the royal armoury is the lad they use for the VC

    they dont just break chunks off it- it takes 1 metre square to make 3 VC's

    at any time they have 15 ready to issue.

    the number 15 is symbolic
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere***
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.


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      I emailed a guy who runs a VC forum and he was able to gimme an answer to both questions that I had. He confirmed that yes, proportionally more VC's have been won by those born in Ireland or both of their parents were born in Ireland. He also said that the amount of VC's NOT awarded to Irish men after recomendations is very high as well. He said that this may have been down to 'racism'.

      Around 25% of VC winners were the eldest sibling from familys where the father was not present. Not 70% as i had originally heard, but this percentage is still interestingly high. It seems that in times of trouble, their instinct to protect those closest to them took over.

      HH, thanks for the link. Very interesting show. Much appreciated as the extent of my skills on a computer just about stretch to switching it on and logging into IMO forum. I assure you i wasn't too lazy to look for it myself.

      Clarkson's father in law was a VC winner. But none of his children knew about it until after his death.

      Thanks to all who posted helpful info.


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        Originally posted by Tango_Charlie View Post
        Clarkson's father in law was a VC winner. But none of his children knew about it until after his death.
        The son of A/Leading Seaman James Joseph MAGENNIS read about his fathers exploits in the Victor comic.
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          Just a little bit of info on the cannons. It believed they may originally have been made in china.


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            There was an article in An Cosanter a few years back on the same cannons.