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Etreux - Photo officers grave circa 1919

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  • Etreux - Photo officers grave circa 1919

    Source photo: Courtesy of P. Newson (son of Capt. H. Newson 2nd Bn. Munster Fusiliers POW - Etreux).

    Names on wooden cross:
    Major Paul Alfred Charrier - Capts'. George Norman Simms - Philip Godfrey Barret -
    Lieuts'. Frederick Ernest Styles - #Challoner Francis Trevor Chute -
    Charles Frederick Phayre - 2nd Lieuts'. #Carol Edaward Vere Awdry -
    Philip Hamilton Sullivan - James Cyril Baptist Crozier.

    #Lieut. Chute, Chute Hall near Tralee Co. Kerry.
    #2nd Lieut. Awdry, son of Rev V. Awdry creator of 'Thomas the Tank Engine'.

    The date on photo refers to date of the Etreux rear guard action. Those Kia were buried the following day. This photo was obtained by Capt. H. Newson when he and a fellow officer visited Etreux circa 1919.

    Early in 1921 the orchard (scene of last stand by the Munsters') was purchased from the owner M. Dauzet by Capt. H. Walter Styles M.P., brother of Lieut. F.E. Styles, who lies buried there. A wall was built around the orchard with gates leading to Etreux - Landrecies Rd.

    The cemetery was consecrated on Wednesday October 5th 1921. A Celtic cross, similar to that in position at Killarney, was erected in the orchard. The funds for it's erection were collected mainly by the 2nd Bn. The unveiling ceremony was impressive and was dedicated by the Rev. Father Gleeson, who had been Chaplain to the Bn. in France for about 3 years.