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  • Great Uncle Patrick Jordan


    I've just posted a question about my great granddad & thought I'd post again about my great uncle who we also know nothing about.
    He was, according to my mum; a Captain in the Irish Army. I found an article from 09/09/2001 in the Irish Times archives online. It said that "he was a last of the first who enlisted in 1922 & had died recently".
    We know he lived in a big house in Clontarf & had at least one daughter, Anna. Not a lot really is it?
    Anyway, I found the Arco site & on there is a mention of a Col Pat Jordan; who was a regional rep for the Curragh. I've e-mailed all the contacts on there to see if this is my relative but haven't had a reply so far.
    Cathal Brugha will do a search for me but only once I provide written permission from his next of kin. Unfortunately as we have no idea if Anna is still alive & if so where she might live we can't get permission right now. I'll have a lot of digging to do before I get any further. I haven't found any reference to his death in the Glasnevin website & Google gives me nothing at all.
    Is there any chance that someone out there may have some memories of him & if so will you please get in touch? I'd love to be able to tell mum more about her uncle.

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    Well, I finally traced Patricks daughter down & she's very kindly given me some info about Patrick. Here it is.

    Number 0.4815 Rank: Captain

    Last appointment held: OC 4,Gm Coy, Sigs

    Date & Place of Birth: 09 Oct 1905, Boyle Co. Roscommon

    Enlisted 10 April 1922

    Commissioned 22 February 1938

    Corps: Signals

    Ranks Held: Pte 10 April 1922
    CQMS 8 April 1935
    2/Lt 22 Feb 1938
    Lt 19 July 1940
    A/Capt 1 May 1941
    Capt 1 May 1941

    Appointments Held: Sig Corps 22 Feb 1938
    QM Depot Sig Corps 20 Feb 1939
    OIC Workshops Depot, Sig Corps 1 Aug 1940
    Comd Sig Offr & OC 4 GM Coy Sig Corps 1 July 1946
    OC 4 GM Coy Sig Corps 1 Feb 1947

    Capt Jordan retired from the Defence forces on Voluntary terms with effect from 1 Oct 1947. He died aged 95 in 2001.

    He served with Lt-Col Sean Clancy who died in 2006 aged 105.