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Irish Officers Dress Uniform c.1930's

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  • Irish Officers Dress Uniform c.1930's

    Hi guys,

    First post here! I'm looking for any information any one can offer on a particular type of Irish army officers dress uniform of the 1930's era, if you take a look at the below image its uniform number one.

    Why I ask is because I work for Carlows Military Museum and we have recently been given one of these uniform! Dated November 1937 it is in immaculate condition (almost as if it were made yesterday, no exageration!!). We have the cap, jacket, trousers, gloves, scarf and a sam browne with cross strap which I believe would not have been worn with this type of uniform. Unfortunately we dont have the dress belt and sword which I'd imagine held more value to the family than the uniform and was either kept, or passed on to another party or family member. The uniform belonged to a Captain Micheal Lennon and he was obviously in the Military Police as those are the insignia's on the collar. Michael was the govenor of Arbour Hill prison in the 30's as far as I know.

    Can anyone offer any further info on the uniform, when it may have been worn etc so that we may add it to the information board for the display. Are these type of uniforms still worn? I had never seen one before this and didnt think that there was such a style used by the army. The cap in particular is very similar to caps used by the French.

    Thanks a mill'

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    From my memory,(of reading, not being there) the uniforms differed between corps. It is possible that the MP Corps did not have a Cross belt.

    I'll have a search.

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      Collins Barracks in Dublin would be the people to contact. They had a selection of these number 1 uniforms on show the last time I was there.
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        Originally posted by CroppyBoy1798 View Post
        Are these type of uniforms still worn?
        Only by the bands -


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          Originally posted by CroppyBoy1798 View Post
          Why I ask is because I work for Carlows Military Museum
          Didn't know there was a Military Museum in Carlow - where is it ?

          Originally posted by DeV View Post
          ... and at that, they are relatively new to the DF bands
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            Cheers for the replies guys! Yes, the Army Bands uniform does look quite similar to the Officers dress uniform alright!

            I'd imagine there would have been a belt with the uniform, at least the jacket suggests there would be, between the last, and second last button there is a wider space for a belt. The buttons (all almost circular) are not brass but a darkened metal, perhaps brass with a dark wash over them? The collar insignia's are also 'black'.

            As for the museum, its a small, voluntary run museum in Carlow town, we've been open at the current location since 2001. We're located in the old church on the grounds of St Dympnas Hospital. As its a voluntary museum and we rely on donationed items this particular uniform is very exciting!


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              Contact the museum in Collins Bks, Cork. There's one on display there and they may have some information on it.
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                Well done on the find and welcome to the board.

                The curators at Collins in Dublin may well be able to help, as someone already said. There is a permanent Soldiers and Chiefs Exhibition there.
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                  Thanks again for the help guys, I sent off an e-mail to Collins Brks, so hopefully something will come of that, I'll be taking a trip up there soon anyway, so I'll be able to have a closer look.

                  I'll get a few pictures of the uniform we have when I'm up at the museum on Sunday.