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RAF Hendon.

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  • RAF Hendon.

    Hi all,
    Just back from a quick trip there, since my last in 1997 and it is magnificent. There are four large halls; the Battle of Britain, the Bomber Command, the History of Flight and the Grahame-White Factory. Each is huge and would take an hour each, at least, just to have a quick look around. The aircraft are, as expected, in pin-perfect order and are surrounded by their equipment and various war loads and mannikins in uniform or vehicles. The restoration of some are just breathtaking, especially a Supermarine Southampton flying-boat. The whole place is very carefully lit and the atmosphere is just fantastic, especially the BoB hall. To me, to see perfect examples of aircraft I'd read about so many times as a kid, is just a delight. The wreckage of a Halifax, taken out of a Norwegian lake, is both breathtaking yet touching. So is the hulk of a Hurricane, when you know that the last occupant died abandoning it, in battle. The German aircraft are simply menacing, just standing still.Recommended even for non-aerosexuals.

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    Thats a place on my list of ' must do's '.

    Can I recommend this place in Scotland -

    If you have kids bring a ball and a picnic - acres of space.

    Scotland's secret bunker is nearby too - again well worth a look -

    Both do-able in a two day trip.
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      The amount of times I'm at Hendon, and I never get a chance to pay a visit.

      It's a must for the New Year.


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        I was at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, in the last month or so

        It, too, is a must for aviation nuts, and like the Hendon museum, needs about 4-5
        hours put by, to get around it

        Aircraft of every description there, including a Lancaster and a B52
        (how the hell they got THAT into a building is beyond me

        The Sunderland flying boat is also breathtaking in terms of its
        size, for the era it flew in

        An immaculately preserved "Iron Annie" JU52 is part of the

        A proportion of the aircraft are in flying condition, and are flown
        in the shows they put on from time to time

        Indeed, as I was heading between buildings, I got a shot of a
        Hurricane revving up on the runway

        I got shed loads of photographs on the visit, and also a very impressive
        Land Warfare section at the end, with jeeps/trucks/armoured vehicles of very
        description to name but a few...

        Only downside to the visit was that I felt it was a touch expensive (ST£16), but
        that's my personal opinion, others here may think otherwise
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          Originally posted by Truck Driver View Post
          Only downside to the visit was that I felt it was a touch expensive (ST£16), but
          that's my personal opinion, others here may think otherwise
          That's not too bad. I was there about 4 years ago and it was around £14 then, so a £2 increase is pretty good.

          Walking through the Concorde's cabin was a good one for me. The SR-71 was also well worth seeing. However I think alot of the aircraft have been re-positioned at Duxford now since my last visit. The U2 was quirky suspended from the ceiling.

          To top the visit off, a Harrier came screaming along the runway at low level whilst passing by.


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            Originally posted by spider;

            Can I recommend this place in Scotland - [url
            Showed my 12 year old your post and apparently we're going over the Christmas holidays, he says. Its just 90 minutes up the road from us. Passed the signs for it many times never realised how much they had there.