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Charles Fort, Kinsale - Heritage week

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  • Charles Fort, Kinsale - Heritage week

    I got a call off a mate in Kinsale last to check out Charles Fort in Kinsale last Sunday (Sunday 14th Sept).
    To my surprise the fort was free to the public and there was a wide range of historical equipment supplemented by reenactors.
    Among the items on display were, a Medieval Catapult and camp.
    British WWI camp, Equipment and reenactors.
    American Civil War, both sides.
    A variety of Military Vehicles, mostly ex-British, including a SP Gun and a few APC's and armoured cars and a German WWII Kubelwagen.
    And a camp of Redcoat Reenactors, depicting the Connaught Rangers of the Napoleonic Wars

    I thought it was well worth checking out, but apparently it was a well-kept secret, (Note to organisers try more publicity next time)
    Apparently this is becoming established as a yearly event in Kinsale during the National Heritage week.

    Did anyone else catch the show, what ye think??
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    Yeah,was there myself sunday,though delayed by other matters that the people of cork had to attend to..thankfully I gave that up at half time and enjoyed the sun at kinsale instead.
    I also heard it by word of mouth, and was sorry I had not heard sooner as it was a very interesting day.
    The irish Military vehicle club had the vehicles including an Abbot,FV432,ferret scout cars,a Bedford 4x4 and the Kubelwagen. The fort itself is very well laid out,and relatively accessable,commanding excellent views of Kinsale bay...Photos to follow..

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      Charles Fort & Irish Military Vehicles Club

      Re the Irish Military Vehicles Club see more on the more photos of same will be included on the picture gallery.


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        Irish Military Vehicles Club

        That should have read the NEWSLETTER on


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          Have to ask...

          surely that Barret (deactivated/replica?) shown in those pictures attracts attention of an official nature?

          How do members (if at all) obtain authorisation for such an item?


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            Fair Question. Weapons were as you say deactivated/ and or replicas. I will ask the club to come on line to join in the forum


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              More here

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