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    I am researching the background of Miles Byrne (1780-1862, Irish rebel and lieutenant colonel in the service of France. I need to know more about

    1. Family
    2. Land held or leased by the family, details of farming.
    3. Education
    4. Any reports by third parties of his part in the United Irish Society, the rebellions of 1798 and 1803, such as mentions in memoirs, newspaper, or oral reports that that may exits in north Wexford or Wicklow.
    5. Any other political activities within the family.
    6. Association with ascendancy, such as landlords.

    I have copies of Byrne’s Memoirs in both English and French. I also have full details of his career in the French army, which are available at the French National Archives and French Military Archives, including many of his letters.

    I'd be very grateful for any information.

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    The National 1798 Centre may be able to help you.

    From there website:
    Myles Byrne
    He was born in the townland of Ballylusk near Monaseed in 1780. He joined the United Irishmen in 1797, apparently influenced by Anthony Perry of Inch. The United Irishmen were strong in this part of the country prior to 1798.

    Byrne participated in the ’98 Rising at Bunclody Tubberneering, Arklow and Vinegar Hill and he accompanied Fr. John Murphy on the advance to and retreat from Castlecomer. He continued in the field until the end, eventually escaping to Dublin where he remained undetected, employed as a builder from 1799 to 1803.

    He met Robert Emmet in Dublin and became one of his faithful lieutenants. After the failure of the Dublin rising he escaped to Paris.

    He was commissioned as an infantry officer in the Irish Legion. He fought in the Napoleonic wars and had a very distinguished career. He died in Paris in 1862.

    His "Memoirs" were published by his widow in 1863. They include a valuable account of the 1798 rising in Wexford.
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      Thanks DeV. Your information on MILES Byrne is accurate, but, as I pointed out, I have a very great deal of information, including his memoirs in both English and French. I'm after more obscure details (see my list). There is not a single mention of him, that I have found, in any contemporary account of the 1798 rebellion. The only account is his own, and I find it strange that someone who claimed to play so great a part is not mentioned. I have a mountain of information on his French service between 1803 and 1835, but I wouldn't say his career was very distinguished. It took him 22 years to rise from captain to lieutenant colonel, while e.g. it took his county man, Jeremiah Fitzhenry, only five. He was eclipsed by Fitzhenry, Hugh Ware, John Allen and Terence O'Reilly. All the best.


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        Have sent request for information to Many thanks