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Last Anne Frank helper dies

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  • Last Anne Frank helper dies

    A woman who helped hide Anne Frank from the Nazis in the Second World War has died.

    Miep Gies was 100. She suffered a fall on Monday at the Dutch nursing home where she lived.

    Gies was the last surviving member of a group who helped to shelter Frank and her family in Amsterdam.

    It was Gies who rescued Anne's diary after the family was arrested in 1944.

    Gies and several other employees of Anne's father provided food and other necessities to the Jewish family while they hid in a concealed apartment.

    During the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands she had spent 25 months in hiding with her sister, parents, and four other Jewish people in the attic above her father's office.

    Their hide-out was raided on August 4, 1944, and they were sent to concentration camps. Anne Frank died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in March 1945, aged 15. Only Anne's father, Otto, survived. Mrs Gies, who found the diary, gave it to the girl's father.
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