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  • Vessel Info Request

    Looking for help to identify a vessel I recently came across.
    Looks like a Watson life boat hull but a much larger superstructure. Looks military or para military in origin but everything else unknown.

    P1010105 small.JPG


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    Someone doing a conversion of a former lifeboat?


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      I was sure I replied to this earlier. Lot's of ex Watsons were converted for use as Houseboats or leisure craft. They had lots of internal space, once you swapped out the huge engines they were designed with.

      I remember a discussion about them some time ago, I know Test Pilot has some involvement with converting them in the past, he may know more about them.

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        These people might be able to help -

        Were those photos taken at Ringhaddy, Co. Down?
        'History is a vast early warning system'. Norman Cousins


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          Thanks for the info guys.
          The photos were taken in North Donegal. Local talk has it that the vessel arrived in a flurry of activity one night a number of years ago and has never moved since, that piqued my interest.

          I have had a walk around the vessel and if its been there a few years it has certainly been looked after. It appears to have stabilisers to hold it upright and the hull looks in good condition, anti fouled etc, but the props are hammered to s**t and the superstructure while very much intact looks like it needs a good rub down and repaint. The 2 radar antenna are also fairly fresh looking. Couldn't see inside at all, forgot my nosey mans ladder!

          I would agree that it looks as though based on a lifeboat hull but the superstructure looked well designed and 'permanent' as opposed to a conversion. Perhaps just a good conversion.
          Thanks again.