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Famous Irish General in Russian Army

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  • Famous Irish General in Russian Army

    It is of course thanks to a great Irishman, Field Marshal Count Peter Lacy that the Russian Army was able to parade this weekend in Red Square.

    Marshal Lacy was really the Father of the Russian Army. Indeed, he was so well respected that in 1891 the Count Peter Lacy Division was created in his honour. Let us hope that in Dublin on Easter Sunday 2016 the Russian Army will be represented by men of The Peter Lacy Division. Although born in Limerick he was of South Kerry stock from near Minish.

    Field Marshal Peter Lacy............of the Russian army 1678-1751.

    Count Peter von Lacy, or Pyotr Petrovich Lacy (Russian: Пётр Петрович Ласси), as he was known in Russia (1678–1751), was one of the most successful Russian imperial commanders before Rumyantsev and Suvorov. During a military career that spanned half a century, he professed to have been present at a total of 31 campaigns, 18 battles, and 18 sieges.

    Tim Horgan
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