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Official date of Defence Forces being founded

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  • Official date of Defence Forces being founded

    Does anyone know on what date the Irish Army officailly was founded.
    Was Connolly's Irish Citizens Army the start in 1913.?? :flagwave:

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    Well not an answer,but the ICA were formed to defend the unions during the general strikes of the time,and were not really founded upon the role of defending the republics people,as they were titled. A Closer date would be the formation of the National army(Pro Treaty) after the signing of the Truce in 1922..

    Traditionalists could say the formation of the Gaelic League or the OLD IRA...

    The uniform says a lot too,the buttons of the tunic are those of the Irish Volunteers,and the cap badge of Oglaigh na Heireann,with The (apolitical) FF within.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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      1913 Inaugural meeting of The Irish Volunteers (25 November).

      1919 Opening of First Dail (21 January), Establishment of Irish Republican Army, War of Independence begins.

      If the army came from the Volunteers, ie our IV on the buttons.......