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A waterford mystery??

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  • A waterford mystery??

    just wondering if anyone can shed some light on this for me, but I've noticed that on the Tramore road from Waterford there appears to be a pillbox on a rocky outcrop about a mile out of Waterford.
    Does anyone know who built it and for what purpose??
    From the direction it is facing it look to me that it could only "cover" traffic coming out of the city not going in.
    Was it part of a network of pillboxes, or is it even a pillbox??
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    Is it covering traffic or the harbour?


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      Yes thats a pill box....itwas built by the brits and covers the approaches to waterford city as you correctly stated.This was the site of a fierce ambush during the war of independce.It was not any part of a chain of defences.

      sorry to say that Ihave an account of the ambush some where but I will be damned if I can find it....

      I think there is is an account of it in 'The Comeraghs...Gunfire and civil war '...the story of the deise brigade 1914-24

      by sean and sile murphy....well worth a read
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        Pill boxes

        Isn't there a number of these pill boxes around teh country dating back to the war of independence and civil war?I guess most of them were built by the british?