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Have you a story of an Irishman in British Army during Easter Rising?

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  • Have you a story of an Irishman in British Army during Easter Rising?

    Hello all,

    My name is Neil Richardson. I’m a military history writer (you can Google “A Coward If I Return, A Hero If I Fall: Stories of Irishmen in WW1” if you want to check me out) and I’m currently working on a new project about Irishmen in the British Army during the Easter Rising. I’m hoping that people out there might have relatives who served during the Rising, or might have stories concerning Irishmen that were there. Even people who have stories of the Rising that concern nationalists/rebels might still get in touch – especially if those stories include a mention of a British soldier. You might not know who he was, but it might allow me to piece that information together with other details to tell the full story.

    I’m looking for stories of Irishmen from both north and south – all religions, all ranks, all social backgrounds – and I really would like to stress that no detail is unimportant. Obviously, as well as hearing about why they went through and experienced during the Rising, I’d love to know anything else about the men – what they did for a living before/after their military service, any important events that happened to them in their lives (for example, if they had previously, or went on to, fight in the trenches of WW1), and basically anything else interesting that you might know about them.

    I strongly feel that the story of a forgotten group of Irishmen – who happened to find themselves caught up in the Easter Rising – should be told and remembered. Perhaps you might be able to help me out? Thank you.

    You can either PM me or email me at
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    it's a fascinating period and like you say; not very well documented in this respect.

    good luck in your quest neil.

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      Thanks and much appreciated, RGJ


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        British voices, from the Irish War of Independence 1918 - 1921

        By William Sheehan

        Collins Press,

        might help