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Radar station mentioned in Cranborne report

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  • Radar station mentioned in Cranborne report

    Hey folks,

    I was just browsing over a few matters and read the Cranborne report on assistance we provided to the allied war effort during WW2 - one thing caught my eye which I never noted before:

    "They have (within the last few days) agreed to our establishing a Radar station in Southern Ireland for use against the latest form of submarine activity."

    Was such a station ever completed and if so where?

    If not - was any particular location mooted?


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    Source for this report?

    Never heard of it before!


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      Unfortunately wikipedia - but a quick Google digs up countless regurgitations:


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        1.They agreed to our use of Lough Foyle for naval and air purposes. The ownership of the Lough is disputed, but the Southern Irish authorities are tacitly not pressing their claim in present conditions and are also ignoring any flying by our aircraft over the Donegal shore of the Lough, which is necessary in certain wind conditions to enable flying boats to take off the Lough.
        3.They have arranged for the immediate transmission to the United Kingdom Representative’s Office in Dublin of reports of submarine activity received from their coast watching service.
        5.They arranged for the extinction of trade and business lighting in coastal towns where such lighting was alleged to afford a useful landmark for German aircraft.
        7.They have agreed to the use by our ships and aircraft of two wireless direction-finding stations at Malin Head.
        11.Recently, in connection with the establishment of prisoner of war camps in Northern Ireland, they have agreed to return or at least intern any German prisoners who may escape from Northern Ireland across the border to Southern Ireland.
        14.They have (within the last few days) agreed to our establishing a Radar station in Southern Ireland for use against the latest form of submarine activity.
        I haven't heard of any of these claims before!


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          That's odd...I just came across something along those lines today while browsing through an issue of the Irish Sword. Radar station up on Malin was being worked on in 1945. Of course that's all I remember; I'll take a look again...
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            Thanks Steamy Window

            I'm guessing it wasn't completed in time to see service, but it's interesting to think about things such as - would it have been operated by the Irish or British or perhaps a mix thereof - with British soldiers/engineers in civvys


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              just across the water at Brawdy in Wales was a submarine listening post.

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                Malin/Lough Foyle aren't just across the water from Brawdy. And Wales isn't/wasn't part of the Irish Free State during The Emergency!