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35th Battalion congo battle of jadoville

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  • 35th Battalion congo battle of jadoville

    im doing a project on the battle of jadoville. Im looking for books on this matter, im going to military arcives next month,but am trying to build up as many point of view as posabile iv read "heros of jadoville" so if you know of any more please let me know.

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    Siege at Jadotville, Declan Power. The Irish Army in the Congo 1960-1964, David O'Donoghue. The Fighting Irish, Tim Newark.


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      'The battle of Jadotville ' by Michael Whelan,very concise easy reading.
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        Also No White Feather by Sean Foley.


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          thanks lads
          Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.


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            Slightly connectec, very good programme on TG4 last night about the Irish Experience in the Congo. It is the first of a 2 part and last nights episode is being repeated on saturday @ 19.45.

            Congo 1961- Scaradh Katanga (OS & TS)


            New Series: First of a two-parter on Ireland’s role in the Congo crisis of 1961. Filmmakers Irina Maldea and Brendan Culleton discovered in the UN archives in New York that Irish Comdt. Pat Quinlan and his men were placed in grave danger on the direct orders of the UN Secretary General when they were sent to garrison Jadotville. Cut off by white mercenary-led militia, all efforts to extract them were vetoed by UN chiefs and Quinlan was left to his own devices. Surviving veterans tell the story of what they endured. The programme also features newly discovered and restored film archives.

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              Is it in Irish or English?


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                Irish but English subtitles. Very good production so far.
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                    So those who did not get medals in the last 60 years will be traumatised by the actual awarding of the medals to the people who survived the battle who have been seeking proper recognition for their actions from the Military authorities for almost 60 years.

                    Or did I miss something?
                    It looks as if the DF authorities fear every non-award since Jadotville will be open to a similar review. I'm thinking particularly the Crew of L.E. Aisling who were involved in the immediate aftermath and recovery operation of the Air India Crash. 4 medals (DSM)were awarded then, I believe the entire crew was put forward.
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