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Irish Service?? medal 1939-1946

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  • Irish Service?? medal 1939-1946

    A friend of mine asked me if I could trace the origin of this medal.
    Not sure if its Old IRA or Irish Army.

    The Text on the medal reads on the front “Ré na Práinné” and on the back “Na Caomnóiní Áitiúla”.

    Any info would be appreciated!

    I have included a picture
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    It is the emergency service medal issued to members of the defence forces during world war 2. If you still have the ribbon the colouring will tell which branch of the service it relates to.


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      This was discussed recently on another thread:

      Caomhnóirí Áitiúla - refers to Local Security Force.


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        Yellowjacket you are right the medal is for the Local Secruity Force which was established in 1940 as an Auxiliary Police Service & Security Service.The LSF was 148,000 strong at its peak.:flagwave:


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          The female figure represents EIRE facing to the left with a wolfhound.
          RE na PRAINNE is irish for the Emergency Period.
          The Designer was Laurence Cambell and his name is on the Obverse of the medal to the right of the wolfhound.
          The manufacturer was P.Quinn Ltd Dublin.