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    Was at the Jadotville talk by Leo Quinlan in the Connacht Hotel the other night and we were also privelaged to have Jadotville veteran Charlie Cooley there too. The talk itself was brilliant and really brought the whole historical context to life. Leo has done a lot of work (along with others) in getting these men recognised.

    It was heartbreaking to hear from some of the other lads in attendance (who served with Charlie and some of the others post-Congo) to say "all these years we worked with Charlie and he never said a word, none of them did" Charlie turned around and said "they called us all cowards, we didn't want to talk about it". Hard to hear. Charlie also said to the room "I'm not just saying this because it's you that's here Leo, but I'd have followed your dad to hell". A testament to both Comdt. Quinlan and the men he commanded.

    I was also lucky to shake Charlie's hand on the evening. All I could really say was thank you. Funny, when I shook his hand, one of the other lads Charlie served with at home said "ah here to meet the war now, he'll batter the head of me with that cane of his" Charlie did threaten to!

    If you hear of Leo giving the talk near your locations, do go along. The ONE organised ours and all funds on the night went to the organisation's drive against homelessness.
    I was privileged to be at a talk by Capt Noel Carey a few years ago

    Shame it took so long

    Nice touch that he presented the DF Values awards in UNTSI a week or 2 ago
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    • Out of curiosity, were any of the weapons surrendered by the Irish ever recovered?


      • I put the footage on this forum because none others seemed appropriate. Move it or delete if it has been posted before.

        Footage of Irish troops leaving Dublin and arriving in Congo. The difference between the Irish and Swedish soldiers gear is interesting.


        • More Congo footage.
          leaving the Curragh

          L60s being fired in the Glen I think.

          Wounded irish soldier

          Looks like irish soldiers at end of clip.


          • Jadotville gets the Simple History treatment (already 35,000 views today)



              Independent review of the lack of medal awards