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German U-Boat in Ardgroom, Kerry

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  • German U-Boat in Ardgroom, Kerry

    I was reading in a book "Shipwrecks of the Irish Coastline" by Edward Burke, I think, According to this book, there is a German U-Boat wreck in the waters off Ardgroom in Co Kerry, though studying Admiralty charts of the Kenmare River, I cannot find any wreck listed in that particular section of the river. Does anyone know or have any information regarding this?

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    check for ref to 2 i kid you not, TWO u boat wrecks in the area.
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      Cheers for that, simialr idea to the book - Wonder why its not on the Admiralty charts though? - surely these would need to be listed on it for local fishing vessels etc waters are shallow enough, they would be a hazard for nets..


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        You may find this link of interest.


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          Interesting, it says NW, so what is this mystery U-Boat in ardgroom, Kerry.. excellent website Bulldemboots!


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            I think it's the Naval Institute are doing airborne laser surveys of the coast at the moment (they did Clew Bay in seven hours flying time), so maybe they will "surface" at some point.
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              Its being carried out for the Marine institute by GSI.

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