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    Originally posted by na grohmití View Post
    The camera was attached to the Air Corps Aircraft, but operated by an RTE camera man. Don't want to be tekkin dur jurbs now.
    No he wasn't, he was an English fella brought over along with the camera system to do the job.


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      Originally posted by ibenji View Post
      Maybe so but it looked bad given his location. Have to say, I think that the defence forces looked excellent although to be fair they were let down but rte's poor camera work.
      Who ever zoomed in on the Officer and held the camera on him was up to mischief, and is a Bollocks.

      I was in Westmorland St watching it on the big screen, and it was treated by the on lookers as a light hearted moment.
      Could not believe the amount of pride shown by people around me in the Army, Also good to see the amount of individuals rambling around
      the city afterwards in uniform.
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        Well done the DF! When are those pig ignorant cameramen going to be prevented from weaving in and out of troops and bands on parade? It is outrageous! I can't imagine it would be tolerated in any other country.


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          I was surprised in this day and age, to see dolly mounted cameras, wires trailing, across the parade on O'Connell st. Have they not heard of steadycam?
          In my day we had no hesitation in trampling anyone who decided to get in the way of a marching body, no matter who they were.


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            Originally posted by DeV View Post
            The DF really should have had someone on the RTE commentary for the duration and a bit of oversight of the footage.

            I watched the wholes thing end to end and saw more than would have seen on the ground (due to Luas works, crowd etc) but the coverage was poor and the commentary even worse, "there's the Lord Mayor .... Lovely coat .... Don't have any details on it...." And that from a man.

            I would have taught that the equipment display would have been more along the lines of the return from the Leb parade.
            What I saw of the Sky coverage was acceptable, with some historian giving reasonable (if a bit dumbed-down) background.
            'He died who loved to live,' they'll say,
            'Unselfishly so we might have today!'
            Like hell! He fought because he had to fight;
            He died that's all. It was his unlucky night.