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New Book - Luftwaffe Eagles Over Ireland

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  • New Book - Luftwaffe Eagles Over Ireland

    I am delighted to announce the release of a new book called "Luftwaffe Eagles Over Ireland".

    The story of German air crashes over neutral Ireland 1940 - 1945.

    A major new work on Ireland’s Second World War history hits the bookshelves on October 26th this year. ‘Luftwaffe Eagles Over Ireland’ , written by Justin Horgan and Paddy Cummins (publishers traces the relationship between neutral Ireland and Luftwaffe crews downed here during the Second World War.

    More than 20 years of research brings to life the activities of the Luftwaffe over Ireland.
    The writers use the crashes on neutral territory to inform readers how Ireland became a bolt-hole for German flyers in trouble. The Luftwaffe’s own battles with the Royal Air Force in the skies around Ireland resulted in many crash or forced landings and the sometimes heavy price crews paid as they tried to find safe landing sites in Ireland. The book traces the events surrounding these crashes, the response of local people to these landings in their midst and the extensive efforts to save crew members. The book includes interviews with many of the surviving crews from that period and produces a fascinating military and social history of that time.
    It includes stories of the downed crews’ amazing time at Curragh Camp, honour bound to return after being allowed out to cinemas and local hostelries.
    The book also examines the relationship between the crews and the local people, the marriages and the deep bonds that were created for these young Germans with Ireland for the rest of their lives.
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    Many thanks to all who attended the book launch hosted by the IAA in Dublin last night . It was a great night and a proud moment for me . Special thanks to Maura Cummins and family . Also to the Voigt , Kyck and Muller families who's fathers were interned here during WW2 and they crash landed here . we all had a super night which will not be forgotten for some time.


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      Had a look at that book. I met Patrick Cummins in Waterford a few times and it looks to me that it is mostly his work and research and the photographs, which are interesting are the work of Justin Horgan. there is no index , no biblioghraphy and no credits for photographs. The late Mr Cummins always noted his sources and credits and I have some of his articles and his other book.Wont be wasting my few bob on this one.


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        Having read Patrick Cummins earlier work on crashes in the south east of Ireland
        And now having had the pleasure to read the results of his project with Justin Horgan,which he unfortunately didn't live to see to publication, I can see both had their own unique contribution in making the book a reality.
        And while Patrick did a lot of writing, Justin did a lot of travelling,meeting veterans and sourcing
        documentation, it very obvious that both activities
        Complimented each other, and the book, serves as a tribute to the late Patricks memory and legacy to his
        years of work, it also marks Justins debut in the world of military history publications
        Sure you could find omissions in most works if you looked hard enough, I didn't see an index in the previously mentioned work on south east crashes but it didn't detract from a fine publication.
        Well done to both authors, living and posthumous, a valuable contribution to works on this subject that will I hope become a well deserved success
        And well done Justin for seeing the project through despite the loss of your friend and co author
        His work is a legacy for all to see and enjoy.


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          Dear doherty70 , thank you very much for your honest and kind words about our book . This project was a joint effort between Paddy and myself and the fact that this book has done so well is proof of that . Sadly Paddy did not get to see the finished product but his family did and their blessing was enough for me . Years of work went into this book , travelling to various parts of Ireland , England and of course Germany getting material for the book . Of course it's not perfect but it is a good effort on a largely forgotten piece of Irish/Germany history .