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  • Medal Question

    A Friend of mine was showing me his Late fathers LDF medal from the Emergency,and is considering having it framed.(Red and white ribbon)
    Where in Munster can this be done?
    Also, on the reverse the medal is inscribed "Forsa Cosanta Aituil 1939-1946"
    I was under the impression that the phrase FCA did not come into use sometime in the 60s....can anyone shed more light on this?
    Also He mentioned that another medal was issued,possibly service medal,but never presented or it possible for a family member to recieve this medal?

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    surely the FCA came into being into 1946?

    the grandfather of a friend of mine recently received a medal for service during the emergency with the merchant navy/irish shipping that HIS father had been eligible for, unfortunately he died before it was issued.
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      Forsa Cosanta Aituil is a direct translation of Local Defence Force.
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        Also, Stameen is correct, the organisation became affiliated completely
        to the DF in 1946. Prior to this, there were two elements, one a part
        of An Garda Siochana, the other to the DF.
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          Information on your friends medal.

          Note the various "reverses" (if you can read that font!).

          According to this site the FCA is "A volunteer reserve force organised on a regional basis and designed to support the regular army by point defence and guerrilla activities. Created in January 1942."


          A postal mounting service in Scotland, near Munster.(if you have a postal service left!)

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            26U CATHLAN (26th Battalion)

            Even by WW2 these guys would have been old....


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              Not necessarily. Many of those who fought with the IRA during the Tan war and after were teenagers,and would have only been in their late 30s to early 40s by the outbreak of ww2/the emergency. They can hardly be written off.

              Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.