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Unknown Soldier of the West Cork Flying Column.

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  • Unknown Soldier of the West Cork Flying Column.

    Leam Deasy's book Towards Ireland Free (available in the store) has an account of a man known as Peter Monaghan who served with the West Cork Flying column for 6 weeks before his death at Crossbarry. He deserted the British Army due to dissatisfaction with their methods. He served under another name as a Captain during WWI with the Royal Engineers. Contrary to the account below, he subsequently served as a private with the Cameron Highlanders before deserting according to Deasy's book.
    His civilian occupation was a mining engineer, and put this knowledge to use improving the mines of the volunteers.

    Anyone know anymore about this mysterious character of the War of Independence?

    Peter Monahan (not his real name), a Scotsman of Irish parentage, was also fatally wounded. Monahan (his mother was from Mallow) was a deserter from the Cameron Highlanders stationed at Cobh in East Cork. He was a Sergeant in the Royal Engineers attached to the Camerons. The mine at E section failed to detonate and while checking it out was shot. He is buried in the Republican Plot at St. Patrick’s cemetery in Bandon.