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    This is a thread on whether Germany (or the Axis powers) could have won WWII.

    You have been warned.


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      Ive been to a shrink

      I've been to a shrink about split personality syndrome and he has cured me.
      Germany bit off more than she cd chew, the overwhelming reason for her defeat wasn't bombing or D-Day or Ultra but the operational victories of the Red Army in the EAst.
      Combatlogo you have an amazing way of making the sacrifice of those U.S., brit and Canadian soldiers sound meaningless. Agreed Germany took on too many nations at once with finishing original targets (the RAF was on its knees and Goering and Hitler dropped the ball by switching to city bombing thus allowing the RAF to get back up). Hitler also made the mistake of treating the Desert war as a side show when total victory there would have opened a new (and better route to Russia).
      As for Russia Germany could have flattened Russia had they A: not alienated the Ukranians and various other eastern folk who for the most part detested Stalin and communism (I guess the attrocities sort of changed their minds). B: not bothered with Stalingrad (or pulled out before it was too late or had Paulus closed the door on the Russians when he had the chance). Oh yes the Russian army was allowed by Paulus to retreat into the city and thats when the trouble realy got going. Paulus stopped for 1 day rather than close the trap he had the Russians caught in and of course they escaped.
      B: if they had finished Britain when they had the chance thereby allowing more than 40 divisions into the Eastern front.
      on another note hitlers scenario for Normandy was another disaster waiting to happen.
      Overall however it didnt help that military strategy was in the hands of an incompetent like Hitler. It is little wonder he was often the despair of his generals for he knew nothing of the principal of strategic withdrawl and how it preserved forces to fight and perhaps win another day. Hitlers lack of military know how had already been responsible for the disasters that overtook them in Russia and and the middle east. However if Hitler had actually listened to his generals there was a strong possibility that Germany could have won.