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    From Guinness Book of Records 1983;

    "On the night of 12-13th September 1944 a team of nine from B Company 4th Infantry Battalion of the Irish Army made a night march of 42 miles in full battle order carrying 40 lb in 11 hr 49 min."

    I think this stood as a record until the mid nineties.

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    as far as i know it still stands


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      Well if it removes the pain...and infection..why knock it..

      Uh-Oh..I feel a tangent coming on...

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        What I found really interesting was the fact that of the team, one was a dormant epileptic and another had spent three months in hospital that year due to TB. (The army had lowered physical standards to an extent during the Emergency.)
        Sounds like a case of mind over matter.


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          From The Barracks by Dan Harvey & Gerry White:

          This was the famous "Marathon March" - a night patrol of over 42 statute miles, map measured and milometer tested. Each team .. consisted of 1 officer, 2 NCOs and 9 men, each carrying 50 lbs of personal equipment plus a personal food ration to last the duration of the patrol. The route .. from Fermoy via Ballyhooley-Castletownroche-Kildorrery-Mitchelstown and back to "blow a bridge" at Fermoy and, immediately thereafter, to "dig in" - .. - on completion of the course. Capt George McEnery with a full team from B Coy of the 4th Bn, completed the course in 11 hours 49 minutes, an achievement that was entered into the Guinness Book of Records as one of the most notable feats of military marching carried out under peacetime conditions. Capt McEnery .. passed the finish line at 08.49 hours. The OC of the 4th Bn ... in his concern for the health of those taking part, had issued instructions ... not to "dig in" on completion of the march. When the B Coy team arrived at the finishing line, the OC wasn't present .. the team dug in, for fear of being cheated out of their victory.