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Military Heritage / History Guidelines

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  • Military Heritage / History Guidelines

    In order to keep this section operating smoothly, Please keep the following in mind when posting:

    1. Potentially sensitive/libellous/abusive threads or posts will be locked pending a decision, after which they will either be restored or deleted.

    2. This Section will be kept on-topic. Threads that are not military history / heritage related will be moved to the appropriate section or deleted. Posts will be deleted if they go completely off-topic.

    3. Please only use public domain information. If information is taken from other sources, please credit them. Do not refer blindly to a website - please copy and paste relevant passages.

    4. Chat-type posts will be removed, there is a chat-board available.

    5. Repetitive threads will be merged. Before you start a new thread, check if an identical one already exists first.

    6. Please make some effort to keep your posts tidy. This is not a mobile phone, and full words are encouraged. Things like punctuation and paragraphs are nice too.

    7. The use of inflammatory symbols is forbidden. However this is open to debate depending on how that symbol is used. Please contact the Mod first.

    8. Anyone who has been to University will tell you that most sources, books etc. are Theses ie. opinion pieces based on available information. Any Thesis put forward by a poster is relevant, as is any anti-thesis. HOWEVER, should it arise that a thesis is argued to be faulty, be prepare to be called upon to demonstrate PROPER referencing of your work.

    9. New Posters will be allowed a lot of latitude in their questions. Anyone being excessive in their response to them will be sanctioned. Anyone telling them to "Use the Search Function" will receive points.

    10. Personal Security is important. Any post that is deemed by the Moderator to reveal excessive personal information about anyone may be deleted, even if that person gives permission for that information to be used. This rule does not apply to historical personalities who are deceased.

    Thanking you
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