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may 25th 1921

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  • may 25th 1921

    how do I find info on my grandfather who was involved in May 25th 1921 B. company 2nd battallion, customs house. Later brought to kilmainham gaol and survived (although now deceased). There does not seem to be much to go on in info. from the web at all. all suggestions most appreciated.

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    The Military Archives in Cathal Brugha Barracks should be able to provide some information, especially seeing you know the unit. Ring first to get an appointment and confirm they can help.


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      went there ang found one glass pic - which they kindly developed for me. One before they were loaded onto a truck to be brought away to the gaol. But thats all that can be got it seems. As regards information on names etc. a diary with some other pics of him, it seems almost impossible.


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        Some towns had an old IRA association, basically where they could drink and chat of days gone by. Your local museum may be of some help there. I know in Drogheda (Millmount) they have the minutes of the local IRA groups' meetings, this has names of local members, could give some leads
        - just an example.
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          most appreciated - he was a dublin man - collins avenue to be axact. will check out drogheda all the same. warm regards.


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            Was there a pension handed out to those on active service during the war of independence? I would suppose a justification form would have had to have been filled out by the beneficiaries. Also, did he get the war of independence medal? Again, there must have been a justification form for that. Did he join the LDF during the emergency? I suppose you know war of indepandence veterans had their own battalion? Possibly former colleagues joined up...more leads (?)
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              Try checking Kilmainham Gaol for info.
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                yes he got three medals in total - one from the IRA, one for the war of independance and forr from the 'cops'(I think?). He also did get the pension. He did not join the LDF as he was already in the gardai. ps. most appreciated.

                re kilmainham - checked it out and they(an duchas) had one picture from a home made box camera smuggled in of his face, but nothing else


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                  What about records? Have you sought out documentation of his capture & imprisonment?
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                    Recommend starting with the basics.

                    Registrar of Borths, Marriages & Deaths. Get his birth cert and death cert, and Marriage cert.

                    Go to the Probate Office, Smithfield Dublin 7 +353-1-8886000 and ask the switch to put you through for directions), and also (if he died in the last the years). Obtain a copy of the Grant of Probate/Administration, and Inland Revenue Affidavit, which will tell you who his solicitors were and provide information on property owned.

                    If he died more than ten years ago, go to the National Archives. Get the same info.

                    Go to Registry of Deeds, Henrietta Street, Dublin 7, and ask them for help. With his parents name & address and his own (presuming they had property) you should be able to trace every address he had, or most of.

                    If the executor/administrator is still around and feeling helpful, you should be able to get information from the Revenue Commissioners on tax payments and hence your grandfather's major financial transactions.

                    Ditto the banks, though their records only go back so far.

                    Now you have a complete identity set. Take that to the national archives, Military History museum, the colleges.

                    Smile. Ask reeaally nicely for their help, and you should be able to find out everything there is to know about your grandad and his involvement in the War of Independence.
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                      cheers lad(ie)s, anyone know exact specific details of may 25th, with names etc included. I havent sought deatails of his capture.I know a lot of the records to that day were destroyed. His name was William Donegan and he died approx 24 years ago. 1980 ish.
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                        PM Groundhog. This may be up his alley.



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                          went to that link - but it only mentions that may 25th occured.
                          thanks all the same,

                          a chara,

                          ps how do you purchase from the store
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                            Originally posted by Joshua
                            PM Groundhog. This may be up his alley.

                            Along with King & Country, eh Blackadder.

                            Sorry, parochial ole me concentrates on the Tipperary/ Waterford area. There has to be a local history society where Vol Donegan lived and they inevitably have access to experts.

                            Try the Bureau of Military History and see did Grandad make a statement in the 30s. A friend of mine got his Grandad's and it was brilliant reading.

                            Also find out about the local Old IRA commemoration society and contact them.
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