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Connaught Rangers Seminar 28 May 2005

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  • Connaught Rangers Seminar 28 May 2005

    The Connaught Rangers Association, in conjunction with Galway City Council, will hold a seminar in the Kingsvalley Hotel, Dublin Road, on Saturday May 28 in honour of the famous Irish regiment.

    The seminar in the Bodkins Bar of the Kingsvalley Hotel will hear lectures from Dr John Morrissey, Dept of Geography, NUI, Galway; local historian William Henry; Oliver Fallon, Secretary Connaught Rangers Association, and Joe Loughnane, Connaught Rangers Association. Jim Higgins, the Galway City Council heritage officer, and Aisling Conneely of the Galway City Museum will also be speaking.

    The seminar starts at 11am for two sessions and breaks for lunch at 1pm. The afternoon sessions start at 2pm and finish at 4pm. Afterwards there will be a visit to the barracks at Renmore for a talk on the history of the barracks by Sgt Brian Smyth.

    The Connaught Rangers were originally raised in 1793 by John Thomas de Burgh the 13th Earl of Clanricard and were disbanded in the 1920s. During their existence the Rangers' ranks were filled by young men from the small towns and villages of the west of Ireland who were looking for employment, enough money to get by, or a life of travel and adventure, with the always present risk of death. As a result of the regiment's bravery and ferocity they were nicknamed 'The Devil's Own'.

    Some 2,500 Connaught Rangers were killed in World War I and their graves lie in France, Belgium, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, and England. In Galway there are five graves of Connaught Rangers in Creagh New Cemetery Ballinasloe, three in Bohermore Cemetery Galway, and one in Loughrea in Garrybreda Cemetery.

    Galway city has many memorials to the Connaught Rangers; the Crimean cannons, the banners in St Nicholas' Collegiate Church, the Connaught Rangers' memorial window in Galway Cathedral, and Renmore Military Barracks, which was once the regimental headquarters of the Connaught Rangers. The barracks has an excellent museum with items relating to the Rangers.

    All people with an interest in the Connaught Rangers as well as those who had a family member involved with this regiment are welcome to come to the seminar.

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    Should have mentioned that the post above is a copy and paste of an article in this weeks Galway Advertiser. Can't seem to edit my posts; is there a reason for that?


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      Originally posted by SAM
      Should have mentioned that the post above is a copy and paste of an article in this weeks Galway Advertiser. Can't seem to edit my posts; is there a reason for that?
      You should have an "Edit" radio button at the bottom of any post you send, along with
      the xxx button (the other one !!!). If it doesn't appear, then I suggest contacting the
      Moderator for the section (will find username at the bottom of the screen (Moderator: xxx)
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        Sounds interesting.Great-granddad was in the Connaught Rangers during WW1
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