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Fund to bring “Dolphin 428” to Ireland

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  • Fund to bring “Dolphin 428” to Ireland

    Came across this recently- apparently after being postponed from the Pandemic, they’re bringing a Huey from the States over here to put on static display, painted in the markings of “Dolphin 428” as flown by the late Kerry native Capt. John O’ Sullivan during his US Army service in Vietnam. There’s talk of a wider tribute to Irish people who have gone abroad to serve in foreign militaries. Anyways, one to watch in the next few months. They’ve a bird packed up & on its way to land ashore in Cork in November by the looks of it. Fundraising as well with a “Friends of…” package, with the usual bits & invites. 100 for the package but you know yourself, it’s more for people invested than the casual supporter. Even if not the whole ton it’d be well worth throwing a few bob at anyways, especially for those of ye in uniform abroad, to have a reminder at home that people do leave for soldiering.

    Speaking of which, irishrgr , I still have after all these years your patches & shirts somewhere in my storage! If I can fish them out and these lads get things running, I’d like to hand them over fro these lads to show. They Belong in a Museum!
    If you have to do it, you always have to do it right. Either it makes a difference, or it’s good practice so that when it does make a difference, it gets done right.


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    I see it arrived in country in recent days.
    For now, everything hangs on implementation of the CoDF report.