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Delegates hear of city's military history

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  • Delegates hear of city's military history

    DELEGATES attending a major conference of the military organisation,
    Euromil in the South Court Hotel were reminded of Limerick's military
    history when they were addressed by the Minister for Defence, Willie

    "The local military barracks here is called Sarsfield Barracks and was
    named in honour of Patrick Sarsfield who rose to fame as a soldier in
    the army of the Catholic King of England, James I," he told the
    gathering. "Following the ending of the siege of Limerick in 1691,
    Sarsfield, along with some 12,000 officers and men was exiled to France
    where, under James II, they were formed into four regiments which were
    later known as the famous Irish Brigades of France and were poetically
    christened the Wild Geese who throughout the following centuries
    continued to make their presence felt throughout the world fighting in
    every major conflict from the days of Louis XIV to the Second World

    Reminding the attendance that Irish soldiers are continuing to make
    their mark abroad, the Minister said that since 1958, members of the
    Defence Forces have completed more than 53,000 individual tours of duty
    overseas and have served with distinction with the United Nations in
    such places as the Middle East, Central America and Africa.

    Since its foundation in 1972, Euromil now comprises 34 member
    associations from 22 countries representing nearly 500,000 individuals.

    "These impressive figures are a testament to your organisation's
    development and to the growing awareness and acceptance among European
    countries of the Citizen in Uniform principle," said Minister O'Dea.

    He paid tribute to the significant part the organisation played in the
    introduction of representation into the Irish Defence Forces culminating
    in the establishment of PDFORRA and said that despite some shaky
    beginnings, representation has now become an accepted part of the way
    that personnel management is conducted in the Defence Forces.

    "Since taking up my appointment just over a year ago I have seen the
    process in operation at first hand, through the agreed formal mechanism.
    I have also noted the significant amount of informal contact between
    PDFORRA and RACO representatives and the civil and military staff of my
    Department," he said.

    The Minister said that Ireland is currently contributing approximately
    749 Defence Forces personnel to 19 different missions throughout the

    "The main commitments are to the United Nations Mission in Liberia with
    413 personnel, to the NATO-led International Security presence in
    Kosovo, with 210 personnel and to EUFOR, the EU-led operation in Bosnia
    and Herzegovina, with 54 personnel. Other personnel are serving as
    monitors and observers with the United Nations, the Organisation for
    Security and Co-operation in Europe and the European Union.

    The minister said that Irish people are proud of Ireland's involvement
    in peacekeeping and that shortly the Minister for Foreign Affairs,
    Dermot Ahern and he will be announcing a programme of events to
    commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ireland joining the United Nations
    on December 14 in 1955.

    "I would like to commend all those members of the Defence Forces and
    indeed other Forces who are serving or have served overseas," concluded
    the Minister.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.

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    I'll say one thing for Willie. He does right by limerick god bless him. Never a harder working constituency man.
    Trouble, Trouble, I tried to chase trouble but its chasing me.
    Trouble, trouble, trouble with a capitol T
    do do do do do do do da do do do. etc etc......


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      Its called "cronyism"

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        Originally posted by Goldie fish
        Its called "cronyism"
        Quiet you.
        Lifes a bitch, so be her pimp!