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    Originally posted by Kieran Marum View Post
    All the above was taken from data in a ARMY LIST August 1914 - other editions give a picture at that time
    The Army List was then a monthly publication, quarterly and half yearly.

    The same information could be found in copies of HARTS ARMY LIST which also recorded the previous locations of Major Infantry and Cavalry Units together with details of each officers career - a facility not avalible in the Monthly Army Lists.

    If you are interested I have a listing of BRITISH Units by location and month for the period 1919/1922.

    PS Naval and Military Press have reissued the August 1914 Army List !!!!
    Would love to see British units 1919-1922. Specifically which were based in Dundalk, Ireland at the time. My Grandfather arrived in Irelans in Army, met, married my Gran and stayed. I believe he was in the Royal Field Artillery but proving the issue.

    If you can supply locations over 1919-1922 then I stand a chance