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Fortifications at Tramore

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  • Fortifications at Tramore

    At Tramore there is west of the mole up on the rocks a concrete structure (I supose a battery) looking over the sea. There is a building in the direct neighbourhood. Can someone tell me more about this site. Are there more coastal defenses of this kind?

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    Hpt Murphys' reply.


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      I think the place you're referring to is a Coast Watching point.
      I dont know of any more places like that but there are Coastal Defence Batterys in Cork, Berehaven and Lough Swilly.


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        Lt, If you are refering to the structure on Brownstown head you are correct.
        however on the westen side of the bay there is an old (napoleonic) open emplacement with the remnants of a muzzle loading piece of ordanance.
        Close to this is an old coastguard station, (also an ex-garda station).

        The link to Hpt Murphys reply relates to a structure overlooking what is now the Waterford - Tramore road some 8-10miles inland from the original query. This would have originally overlooked the waterford -tramore rail-line which was insitu until about 1962(ish) AFIK, so that might explain the reson for its "unusual" orientation


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          Agreed..the one at Brownstown is the standard Coastwatching building..while the pillbox on the Tramore road dates from an earlier period.
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            :confused: I am sorry. I started on a wrong place. Yesterday I was watching pictures of a holiday in 2004. I tried to reconstruct the route. Now I have the map OS 76. I came from Geneva Barracks and went south to Dunmore East. The site I mentioned must be at Black Knob.(see picture) At Brownstone Head stands Signal Tower 14 (P.Kerrigan). Can you tell me the location of the Napoleonic site on the west site of Tramore.
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              There is also a concrete pillbox overlooking what is known locally as the Backstrand which is the Tidal lagoon behind the beech in Tramore it is situated at the Grid Ref S601 023 also on OS76. Its built in to the seawall and it is probably WW2 vintage or maybe even earlier. Has anyone any info on this.
              The Napoleonic site that Pod is referring to is up on the cliff above Lady Doneraile's Cove on the west side of the bay the Coast Guard station is not marked on OS 76.


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                The "emplacement" is not very exciting to be truthful Hugo. It has obvoiusly changed a great deal over the years. It is situated on the Donerail walk which is a cliff top vista overlooking the bay. It can be accessed on foot (only) from the old guarda satation or church road.
                The ordanace used to be mounted on a wooden carrige with cast ironwheels, but that has long since rotted away and the cannon now is fixed to the ground. There are no associated buildings or structures that might give a clue as to its previous intentded use.


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                  Even a small relict on a historical fortified site is a destination for next holidays. Both are marked on my map. Thank you both for this information. About Dunmore, I found something at thread "Dunmore East during the Emergency".


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                    Sorry I'm 5 years or so late, but I believe the gun at the Doneraile walk, Tramore belonged to the Coast Guard, and looks like it might be a rifled muzzle loader.

                    According to The Coastguards of yesteryear website, a Drill hall, Silent battery and firing battery were erected by the Board of Works 1891.
                    Cost £2,438 including gun fittings. Lease 1892.(Office of Public Works)

                    A couple of photos by Waterford photographer A.H. Poole in The National Library collection,

                    Coast Guards drilling at Tramore(Doneraile Walk)

                    Coast Guards, Firing the Gun(no location given but probably Tramore)

                    Doneraile gun
                    Cannon at the Doneraile Walk
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                      One more photo from the Poole collection, in this one you can just make out a small building on the site of the old gun battery, this structure is no longer there.

                      Also on the old Ordnance Survey map from around 1900 there is a battery shown on the cliff edge with what looks to be a small rectangular building and another battery located next to the Coastguard Station on its North side. Two magazines are also shown.