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  • Museums in Barracks

    Trellheim mentioned this in the archive thread, but it deserves a thread of it's own.

    How many barracks maintain their own little museums? Where are they & are they any good?

    There was one in Clonmel last time I was there, is it still in operation
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    heh.heh..I know who runs it too...

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      There is one in Collins in Cork


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        Renmore, Galway

        There’s one in Dun Ui Mhaoilisa (someone check spelling!) in Galway. I’ve never been in it but I’ve heard it’s very good with a lot of stuff on the Connaught Rangers.


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          There was one in Clonmel last time I was there, is it still in operation

          Yes it is.
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            The 22nd have one in Ennis, it's small but is quite interesting.


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              A tiny one in Dundalk!

              Aikens barracks has a wee one which is maintained by members of the MP's (little else to be doing) ayways it's very small and not much there considering the past history of the barracks from occupation by the British-Free state-Civil war-Emergency-troubles etc.
              It is ashame that all barracks do not have a military museum!
              On a fitting note I would love one day to see a museum set up to convey the entire period of the troubles of the Isle of Ireland, I know the national museum caters for this to a small degree, if it was done correctly it could become a major tourist centre?
              Well theres my two cents on the whole issue!


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                There are plans for a national military museum. This was part of the agreement when Collins Bks in Dublin was handed over to the National Museum.



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                  There's a Military Museum in Carlow Town located in at the Old Church, St. Dympna's Hospital, Athy Road, Carlow



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                    Military Archives is in Cathal Brugha Bks, Dublin, and there is a museum in the
                    Curragh, think it's in the Military College, Pearse Bks
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