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Balbriggan R.I.C. Station

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  • Balbriggan R.I.C. Station

    I am looking to uncover information reagrding the headquarters of the police force in county dublin in the 1830's. The HQ was located in High St Balbriggan from the 1830's to the 1860's. Any help would be appreciated.

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    There are a number of books available on the Royal Irish Constabulary, I have one somewhere about RIC casualties. A google search came up with this title-

    The Royal Irish Constabulary: A short history and genealogical guide (Four Courts Press 1998). I have'nt read it but it looks like it might give you some info.

    You could contact the Police museum in Belfast (ring 02890650222 and ask for the museum at Knock) they keep records on the RIC. I am unsure if the Garda have a musuem, but if they do that might be another place worth trying.

    Hope this is of some help.
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      It was Dublin Castle in the 1920s, I think.


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        Was watching nationwide last night and according to yer wan on it Dublin castle was the HQ of the RIC in Ireland. These is also a Garda mueseum there in the Records tower, but it has stuff from all the different polices in Ireland, RIC, DMP and their successors An Garda
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          My mother grew up on high street and ive lived in the town all my life, the house (Kincora house) was bought by the Bannon family when the RIC abandoned it.

          Its a large stone house, built behind high protective walls with very large gates, its changed hardly at all since the bannons moved in, it was recently resold for 1.2 million to a richardson couple from the town. My mother was invited by the Bannons along with all the old high street resident families to a farewell party 2 months ago and she had a look around the house and grounds, its in fantastic nick.

          These photos are corteousy of where you can find out lots more info on Kincora house and the large coastguard barracks that existed beside the martello tower for a number of years, also related to the RIC is the sack of balbriggan which was carried out by Black and Tans stationed in Gormanston camp.

          If you would like more info or photos, let me know and ill see what i can do, balbriggan library would have a ton of info on the barracks and the coastguard buildings, which are gone now, but the bandstand still sits there and the martello.

          Historically there was an RIC presence in the barracks
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   has a small historical section, although I don't think it mentions Balbriggan. There is also a Garda museum.
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              The Garda museum in Dublin Castle is the Biz! Very helpful staff...if you book in advance you can search the personnel records but make sure you have dates of birth, names or numbers to help in the search.