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Clancy to be demolished

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  • Clancy to be demolished


    DEVELOPERS of Clancy Barracks at Islandbridge have been told by An Bord Pleanala that that many of their proposed apartments must be enlarged.

    The board also gave permission for a 15-storey hotel to tower over the area in the old barracks, against the advice of its own planning inspector.

    The inspector had recommended refusal because of the visual impact on an historic city area.

    Friends of Kilmainham, a local interest group which opposes the development as proposed said the development will ruin the view of Phoenix Park from Kilmainham.

    A 1,000-apartment complex was proposed on the site of the former barracks. But the Planning Appeals Board said the developers should build bigger apartments more suitable for families to live in.

    The planning permission also approved demolition of 31 protected buildings in the historic barracks which date back to the 19th century.

    New accommodation will be provided in 45 blocks ranging in size from one to seven storeys, with some nine-storey elements and the 15-storey hotel.

    The planning authority gave approval for 731, instead of 957 apartments, on the historic military site.

    An entire block has been removed to allow for more communal and amenity space between the blocks.
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    I was in Dublin recently, whilst on one of those open top tour bus jobs I saw what seemed to me to be a derelict army barracks. I think it was near the stop for Kilmainham Jail. Did'nt seem to be that large a site. Would that be Clancy Barracks (opposite side of the river to Collins Barracks) ?
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      Thats it. It was one of the smaller Barracks. Its been vacant for some time now. Transport used to be based there. I think they Pulled out around 1994?

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        It should have been demoslished years ago

        there is absolutly no buildings of historical value


        spide what was the bus tour like

        was it good
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          Goldie, Thank You.

          HH,The bus tour was very good, ticket lasted till the same time next day. I thought it was the best way to see the main sights.
          'History is a vast early warning system'. Norman Cousins


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            It's actually fairly big, just that most people never get to see the "back bks", that shadow realm past the cross-gate where Group Stores used to be, and where your Q sent any broken weapons for Ordnance to repair (allegedly).


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              Compliments of Google Earth.
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                The majority of structur in Clancey is protected by law. Rumor and Speculation Ahh I miss them.
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                  It was.

                  Hereis the planning decision

         [ Which basically says -yep, knock em down ]
                  "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

                  "No, they're trying to fly the tank"