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Allouette III

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  • Allouette III

    This is the fourth badge in the series of aircraft badges worn by the Irish Air Corps. It is for the Allouette III which is flown by No. 3 Ops WIng. Even though the Allouette is due to end its flying career in mid to late 2007 this badge was produced for the crews as an acknowledgement of the trojan work the heli has done during it flying time with the Air Corps. It is worn on the Flight Suit and Jacket. Size is 100mm x 50mm with a velcro backing. This badge was only introduced in December 2006. Like the other badges in the series the quality is excellent.

    If you collect variations in badges then this is the badge, this badge was replaced in Feb 2007 by one the exact same but spelt "Alouette III". There was a mistake make in design the went unnoticed and was worn for a short period before the error was noticed.